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Does anyone have experience on a double business?

I want to start an organizing business. And my husband has his own business (Roofing and remodeling) I was thinking about advertising and having one business. Would it be better to just have my own business? Does anyone have any experience with this or any advice? Buisnes name ideas?


  • Cynthia MurrayCynthia Murray Enrolled Posts: 1,070
    Hi Rebecca! I think it'd be great to keep the businesses separate, but connected if that makes sense. On your organizing website services page, you could have an "additional services" section and link to your husband's page, and Vise Versa. It could be connected, but for marketing purposes, you may get more specific clients for both being separate.
  • Rebecca SteeleyRebecca Steeley Guest Member Posts: 2
    That's exactly what I needed to know thank you so much!
  • Cynthia MurrayCynthia Murray Enrolled Posts: 1,070
    Great! You're welcome!
  • Shari GrenierShari Grenier Guest Member Posts: 6
    I have two businesses, quite by accident. I needed something to hand out with my business cards at home shows, and loving tea as much as I do, it was a perfect fit. So I made cards that I attached to tea samples "Tea is the perfect no-clutter gift." I found a company to package the teas with my own label, and my online tea selling business runs alongside my home organizing business. Separate but connected.
  • Cynthia MurrayCynthia Murray Enrolled Posts: 1,070
    @Shari Grenier , what a clever idea and a fun little surprise for potential clients!
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