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Card Reader

I want to be able to accept credit cards, does any body know how readers work and how you get paid? Does the credit card people take a %? Are there specific ones that people have experience with?


  • Denise MacMurtrieDenise MacMurtrie Enrolled Posts: 89
    Hi Carolyn! I know a lot of people use Square. I have my merchant services with my bank (PNC - I'm in Pennsylvania). Everything is linked to my business account and the merchant services just deducts their fee from my account when a transaction is processed. I do have a monthly service fee but my percentage is much lower than Square (though Square does not have a monthly fee, I believe).
  • Cynthia MurrayCynthia Murray Administrator, Enrolled Posts: 1,058
    Denise is correct, there is a small percentage taken out once a client's card is used. I have the Square card reader and within a few years time of having it, I only used it a handful of times...probably less. But I was glad to have it if that's the only way a client can pay. I believe there's also one through paypal. Look up credit card readers for smart phones and you can see what each entails and the percentage that's taken out.
  • Carolyn SwanCarolyn Swan Enrolled Posts: 13
    Thank you so much for the feedback
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