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registering my .COM

Hey folks! I purchased my domain name but failed to register it. I just can't seem to figure it out. HELP???


  • Laura HarringtonLaura Harrington Enrolled Posts: 10
    Well apparently purchasing IS registering. Not sure why I didn't get that but it shows as purchased in my name! Yay
  • Denise MacMurtrieDenise MacMurtrie Enrolled Posts: 89
    Congratulations Laura! And this is all so confusing--a lot of terminology and processes to learn. Keep going--one step at a time!
  • AdamAdam Admin, Enrolled Posts: 930
    Yes, purchasing is the same as registering. Great job on completing this step! What domain name did you decide on?
  • Sandra ChapmanSandra Chapman Enrolled Posts: 1
    Hello, I purchased my business name but the .com is not available only the
    .org and .net. Will this be a problem for me?
  • AdamAdam Admin, Enrolled Posts: 930
    I would go with .net if you have to, but I always try to use the .com.
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