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What do I use for my business mailing address?

melyndaweilandmelyndaweiland Enrolled Posts: 31
I am currently working on registering my llc in Texas. I was going to get a separate mail box through a mail service store. They provide a physical address, not just PO boxes. The Texas state Llc form reads:
"The registered office address must be located at a street address where service of process may be personally served on the entity’s registered agent during normal business hours. Although the registered office is not required to be the entity’s principal place of business, the registered office may not be solely a mailbox service or telephone answering service."

This means that I can't use a PO box and I can't use the physical address that I was going to get from the mail service store. Is my only option to use my home address? Is it bad to use your home address as the business address? What is most common?


  • melyndaweilandmelyndaweiland Enrolled Posts: 31
    My Llc was rejected due to the address. If anyone has had any experience with using an address other than your home address, I would love some advice!! Do you use your home address?
  • AdamAdam Admin, Enrolled Posts: 930
    I don't think it's bad to use your home address. The other option is if you want to pay for a registered agent, but I think that's an unneeded expense. Your home address doesn't need to be listed on your website or anything else though.
  • melyndaweilandmelyndaweiland Enrolled Posts: 31
    Thank you. I have now learned all about registered agents:)! I actually ended up going that route because we didn't want our home address as the public record address. Found an agent business that charges $40 per year. No to bad I suppose.
  • Lisa HornLisa Horn Enrolled Posts: 7
    edited March 16
    I am also in Texas and trying to get my LLC set up. Would you mind sharing the name of your registered agent?

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