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Hello! Introduction/feedback on business name

Hello! My name is Liz and this is my frist post! I signed up with PO about 8 weeks ago after "thinking" about it for about 1.5 years! I am mid-week 1 training. (I still have a 40 hour full time job + about the same with volunetter work) I am very happy I have taken this step and can't wait to do more training and get started.

I did my first organizing job when I was about 8-9 years old, the work bench in my parents garage. Not paid of course. Several years later, I attened my first NAPO meeting in 1992, but didn't have enough nerve to actually start, but have been tinkering in projects every now and then since then.

Since I have been thinking about this for some time now, I have also spent longer than I care to admit thinking of name. More recentley I have narrowed it down to one name, and also searched the intenet and check domain name sites for availability.

I realize I am not giving 5-10 options, but hoping this is just a winner!
SORT with a website name of or I like the webiste, becuase there is some "action" in it.

Thank you for any feedback you my have. I am pretty excited about this new phase of my life and finally being a professional organier! Thank you Cynthia and Adam for making this program avaiilabe!



  • Cynthia MurrayCynthia Murray Enrolled Posts: 1,070
    Hi Liz, we are happy you're here! It sounds like this has been a long time coming and something you've always wanted to pursue, so I can imagine how excited you are to get started. Remember, any progress is better than none. In spite of your busy schedule, you're still taking steps towards starting your organizing business.

    I like the business name, SORT. Another option could be SORT Organizing/SORT Organizers. I also like both of the domain names, but I'm leaning more towards because it expresses the end result, whereas expresses getting started.

    Congrats again on building your business foundation!
  • Hi Cynthia, Thanks for the comments! Nice to meet you, if even by email. Well I have some sad news, I just discovered tonight, SORT is the name of a business in Chicago :(
    So its back to square one for me. (I thought I had searched EVERY THING, but obviously missed one right at my back door, well about 800 miles away) Get Sorted is also taken by someone in the UK. Thank you for the input on the website. Very good point on the expresion of end results. Your input helps alot!
  • I would be happy for any other suggestions
  • Cynthia MurrayCynthia Murray Enrolled Posts: 1,070
    I voted on your poll for, I still really like that one. This isn't legal advice, but I'm pretty sure you could still register that as your business name if they're in a different state, as long as it's not Trademarked.
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