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Working with small closets and lots of clothes

Jada RunnerJada Runner Enrolled Posts: 4
Anyone have any advice on what you could do with a small closet and lots of clothes? How do you go about getting help to hang poles/heavy objects/installing things like shower curtain rods?


  • Cynthia MurrayCynthia Murray Enrolled Posts: 1,070
    If you're not comfortable with installing shelving and clothes rods, I'd let a handyman (or the client or someone they know who is handy) do that part, while you focus on the purging and organizing. The main goal with small closet space is to use every inch to its fullest potential. With an over abundance of clothing, even after purging, you could install a second clothes rod and/or use vacuum bags to store out of season clothing under a bed or in another area of the home.
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