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google Voice so complicated

Janette YearleyJanette Yearley Enrolled Posts: 33
I just signed up for Google Voice but am having so much trouble figuring out how to know when a call is for my design business or how to route it to my new organizing one that i just deleted it in frustration. I want my personal and design calls to go straight to my regular voicemail but all google voice number calls to go to another voicemail box. does anyone know how to do this? thank you so much!


  • AdamAdam Administrator Posts: 926
    Hi Janette, I understand your frustration! The way Google voice works is that it has to go to it's own voicemail server. It does not have access to your phone's regular voicemail. The easiest way is to install the Google Voice app and you can listen to all the voicemail through there from your phone. Hope this helps!
  • Janette YearleyJanette Yearley Enrolled Posts: 33
    so i go sign up for a google voice number then i am lost...are you saying that i should go to my regular voicemail to hear all calls and if so (i am with Verizon) how do i have two separate greetings for each number? and when someone calls my google voice number they get that greeting and my other one stays as it is? Seems yesterday after i had chosen a number then when i was trying to call anyone it would start to ring then hang up. If i am getting hung up on this i am really worried about the other stuff coming that looks so complicated. I have always had somewhat of a problem with learning new computer stuff
  • Janette YearleyJanette Yearley Enrolled Posts: 33
    I had to go in to google voice and delete it because it was messing up my actual personal phone calls
  • AdamAdam Administrator Posts: 926
    No, it shouldn't be doing anything to your personal phone calls. What kind of things was it doing? The only thing it should do is forward calls to you. Google's voicemail will not be in your regular voicemail on your phone. If you have a smart phone, you can install the Google Voice app and listen to them through there. They are stored online in your Google Voice account, not stored on your phone.
  • Janette YearleyJanette Yearley Enrolled Posts: 33
    I was dialing my girlfriend and it would just start to dial then hang up. she was getting the same thing when she called me it would not go through so i just deleted google voice and decided i did something wrong.
  • Janette YearleyJanette Yearley Enrolled Posts: 33
    Well i did finally set it up and put a different voicemail greeting on it so now i just have to hope when i give out that number it actually works well and how to manage the messages.
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