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Looking for feedback on a business name

Heather DzurkoHeather Dzurko Enrolled Posts: 3
What about "Discover Declutter" (is declutter even a word??) My last name starts with a "D" so that's kind of where I was heading. I did just watch the bustaname.com module and thought of "Organize My Life" ... but is that making me a life coach? or more. Yikes! "Organized Home" I like but is SO simple (maybe that's a good thing) Or "Straighten Up" again will I be confused with someone doing interventions?? Ugh, harder than I thought.


  • Heather DzurkoHeather Dzurko Enrolled Posts: 3
    I'm commenting on my own question. It may seem that I am indecisive but once I'm set on something I just do it! I have decided and registered my business since my last post.
    I'm officially, Rochester Home Organizer.
  • Cynthia MurrayCynthia Murray Administrator, Enrolled Posts: 1,058
    That was quick moving forward, good for you! And, I think the name you chose is great. Keep up that momentum! :smile:
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