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Hey! I am Amanda

Amanda EideAmanda Eide Enrolled Posts: 1
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Hey, my name is Amanda!
I am 22 years old and live in Norway, my mother is American and that is where most of my family lives. Currently there are no Personal Organizers in Norway and it is not a service most Norwegians know of. The closest thing on the "market" is a few American organizing books and a couple of Norwegian bloggers. I have worked at a clothing store for the past 5 years, I am currently studying retail management at BI, a Norwegian business school. I am currently a little bit behind schedule because I had to finish my last exam before I could dive into this course (something that was really hard because I was so exited when I found it).
My passion has always been organizing and since I was a child I would organize my bedroom, then the bathroom, the kitchen and living room... I organize when I am happy and organize when I am sad and need time for myself.
In my current job I have discovered and developed my organizing skills. I am lucky because i have such a supportive boss. She sees my potential in organizing and wants me to both teach other employees and organize other stores.
Do you have any advice or tips on how I can introduce a whole new service as a P.O. in Norway and introduce it to a brand new marked? =)


  • AdamAdam Administrator Posts: 926
    Hi Amanda, even in USA, a lot of people do not know professional organizers exist. However, organizing in general is known by all. No matter where you live, people are searching for "how can I get organized" or things like "organizing help." If your website comes up for those types of searches, you can let them know you are available to help them in person, one-on-one.
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