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Large office needs organization

Vicki KaminskyVicki Kaminsky Enrolled Posts: 22
I am doing a consultation next week for a very large office space which I have not seen yet, and this will be my first paying job. There are built in areas in the office and the client says she has 10 years worth of papers she wants for us to go through. I was going to estimate time for each area like the top of the desk, etc as learned in the modules. Do you give the estimated time at the time of the job or say you will get back to the client?
Do you empty out the desk drawers into a banker boxes and then put things back into the file folders you have created for each subject area?
Any help would be much appreciated.
I am very excited but scared!


  • Cynthia MurrayCynthia Murray Administrator, Enrolled Posts: 917
    edited June 8
    Hi Vicki,

    If you're part of the POA, we have a few webinars on organizing paper work and such. Typically you give time estimates at the end of the consultation. You could do separate estimates for paper sorting/filing and actual office organization if that helps. You could suggest a "trial run" when working with papers. Time yourself working with the client during the first or second work session. If the client is willing to sort through papers in between work sessions, that'd cut down on paying you as well. So, if you can come up with an estimate on organizing everything except paper at the consultation, then mention the trial run (in order to give a more realistic estimate), the client may be open to that.

    Purging things first, then setting up storage solutions is ideal. Since there's so many papers to go through, I'd start out splitting up the work sessions with part other office stuff, and part organizing and filing papers so it's not too overwhelming.

  • Vicki KaminskyVicki Kaminsky Enrolled Posts: 22
    Thank you!
  • Vicki KaminskyVicki Kaminsky Enrolled Posts: 22
    what is the title of the POA you are referring to?
  • Cynthia MurrayCynthia Murray Administrator, Enrolled Posts: 917
    There are a couple webinars by Lisa Woodruff on organizing paper, one on organizing finances, and 1-2 more referring to office organization that may be helpful.
  • Vicki KaminskyVicki Kaminsky Enrolled Posts: 22
    Is it a good idea to offer some type of discount if this job could last for a couple of weeks?
    If so what do you suggest?
    Lisa's webinar was fantastic on organizing papers!
  • Cynthia MurrayCynthia Murray Administrator, Enrolled Posts: 917
    I wouldn't typically offer a discount b/c of the length a job may take. I just wouldn't want the client to think that would apply to future projects if that's not how I have my payment structured. If you do have packages available, say with purchasing 30+ hours upfront, you could offer a small discount, like 5%. I've always offered hourly rates, so I wouldn't offer one myself.
  • Vicki KaminskyVicki Kaminsky Enrolled Posts: 22
    She has done a lot of home renovations and I know the home owner needs to save the receipts to show improvements when the house is sold one day. I am not sure how to organize those receipts. Do I put them in the tax folder of the year they took place? If I put them in a HOME folder they won't fit. I was thinking a section of file folders for renovation and the year it took place would that be a better idea??

    Thanks for all of your wonderful ideas so far!

    I am only going to be doing paper organizing but she has over 20 years of piles of papers.
    No issues with her paying for my time, however, she wants to only have us do 2 hours at a time every week, which is going to take forever. I am hoping that she will be willing to do things in between our sessions but she is a very busy person. Perhaps once she sees how the space looks she might schedule more hours at a time? She has a lot of built in storage furniture already so very little will need to be purchased.
    Tomorrow is my first session with her. I anticipate this to be at least a 30 hour job.
  • Cynthia MurrayCynthia Murray Administrator, Enrolled Posts: 917
    Wow, with that much paper to go through, 2 hours a week will take a long time, especially if she's not working on it between sessions. I think having a "HOME RENOVATIONS" file with manila folders within it labeled with each year would be a good way to keep them organized and will be handy for when taxes are filed too.

    Good luck with your first session! :)
  • Vicki KaminskyVicki Kaminsky Enrolled Posts: 22
    It went great. 2 1/2 hours to do one legal size cabinet drawer. Thanks for all of your help!
    She was ok with going a little over so we could at least finish the drawer.
  • Cynthia MurrayCynthia Murray Administrator, Enrolled Posts: 917
    So happy to hear things went well!
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