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Purging paper difficult situation

Vicki KaminskyVicki Kaminsky Enrolled Posts: 32
I have an office with 20 years of documents. My client will often say "I need that piece of paper for a future reference, like if I need more stones in my backyard I can refer to this paper."
Also she keeps saying "it can't hurt to save it"and that she "feels better" to do it.
I offered to set up her iphone with all of the contacts of the contractors and companies she has used however she says she will forget how they were listed in her phone. I also offered to set up a spread sheet she can refer to on her computer but she refused that as an option.
I keep letting her know how great it is when we fill up a bankers box with papers to be shredded but I feel she has anxiety with releasing things she will never use.
Any good psychology to use in this situation or good questions or statements to make to her?


  • Olga DeGourOlga DeGour Enrolled Posts: 13
    I had the same problem with one of my clients. I introduced her to scanning documents and she found this to be easy and she "kept" everything. It is hard to get them to that point though.
  • Vicki KaminskyVicki Kaminsky Enrolled Posts: 32
    Thank you but she does want to scan anything.
  • Amanda McCrearyAmanda McCreary Enrolled Posts: 47
    I've had two like this. One was just too entrenched in her way of doing/thinking that I felt it was becoming counterproductive to keep pushing her. So we set up a new file system with some general house files (yard, kitchen, etc) with all of her flyers, catalogs, etc., pertinent to those spaces. She too rejected the phone contact and scanning ideas.

    The other client (a long term one) insisted on keeping paper everything despite being in business and traveling constantly (thus perfect candidate for digital.) So, I gave in but over time I would remind her how being digital would have prevented issues that continued to come up. Now she is completely digital, calendar, task manager, cloud document storage, etc! Sometimes we just have to give them time to adjust to an idea.
  • Vicki KaminskyVicki Kaminsky Enrolled Posts: 32
    We have set up a beautiful system she can understand but again she wants it all to be in her file cabinet drawers. She is getting better from when we first started "releasing" things verses purging things. Words do make a big difference. She does not work so this office space is all of her personal documents from the past 20 years. Every time I work with her I mention something related to technology and eliminating so many papers hoping that she will agree.
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