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How do I get more clients?

So, I've been live for about 8 months and have clients that trickle in, but am wanting a lot more volume! I don't know where to invest my time, energy and most importantly money. There's not a lot of positive feedback regarding AdWords on the posts. I'm getting ready to launch my Facebook Buisiness page, but don't know if ads are worth the cost.

I immediately joined Find My Organizer, but haven't paid for the upgrade for seeker's information. $150 gets me listed 10th on the first page...seems like a lot for that low.
Has anyone invested in a person to increase their SEO? I've followed all the tips here.
Does anyone spend time on Instagram, social media, apps such as Next Door and Who's Available?

Good old fashion door to door? Brochures? Trade shows? Real Estate Agents? I've built it....i just need to know how to make them come!

What have you tried and failed, tried and worked? ANY and ALL comments welcomed.
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