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Deep Drawer Disaster!

Donna MaloneDonna Malone Enrolled Posts: 95
I'm coming across more and more custom built in deep drawers for clothing storage, which look beautiful and seem great on paper....BUT, you and I know they just become "digging drawers" for kids and adults alike. Does anyone have products or suggestions for keeping clothes organized in deep drawers 10-12" deep?

Specifically I'm working on a 10yr old girl's room with 4 of these custom built in's and her shorts/shirts, etc become one big pile no matter how mom stacks or folds them. I just finished with a consultation where husband and wife have similar built in drawers in their closet and they are cavernous spaces!


  • Amanda McCrearyAmanda McCreary Enrolled Posts: 47
    Whenever possible, I try to encourage people to hang anything that might get wrinkled being tossed about in a drawer. There are folding methods that help shirts, etc, stand on end so speak so you can see what you want without a mess but going through that process with every load of laundry is so cumbersome! Most of my clients with kids would rather do anything but. If they can hang things right out of the dryer, no wrinkles, and no drawer mess. Obviously, they must have closet space. I then suggest using the drawers for pjs, jeans, gym wear or unconventionally like for shoes or toys or bulky costumes.
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