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Feedback on Business Name

Hello everyone. My name is Delores. I'm excited & nervous to go ahead and move forward. So I registered my business name almost a year ago "New Freedom Consulting" with the intent of specializing in strategic planning, organizing and administrative services for small businesses, individuals and non-profits, but my passion is really organizing in the traditional sense, but also in helping small businesses do strategic planning & administratively help with their bookkeeping. Do you think it would be best to have "organizing" in the name?
*** New Freedom Consulting ... Is this too general? I already registered this with the secretary of state & reserved the domain, but no website yet
*** New Freedom Organizing & Consulting ... too long?
*** New Freedom Organizing ... too specific?
Thanks for your feedback


  • AdamAdam Administrator Posts: 926
    Hi Delores, I don't think using the word "organizing" would cause you to exclude those other services. I do think having "consulting" in the name doesn't work as well though.
  • Delores FrenchDelores French Enrolled Posts: 4
    Thank you Adam for the feedback.
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