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HighRise HQ

I watched the video on this. It definitely seems to be a nice way to keep track of contacts and tasks associated with the contacts. I use my iphone to do some of the same things. For a given contact, I use the Note section, and I use Reminder to create tasks and follow-up. But I'm sure there must be benefits of HighRise over what a smartphone has to offer, right? I may be missing the benefits. Please clarify.


  • AdamAdam Enrolled Posts: 936
    That's the core of what Highrise offers, so if your iphone system is working for you, then I wouldn't worry about switching over. The main thing is to not lose track of your leads and your next steps with each of them.
  • HighRise HQ no longer offers a free plan that I can see. The least expensive is the $24.99/month, which is not bad really. They allow 30 days free trial but after that you have to choose a monthly payment plan. You might want to update your video.
  • AdamAdam Enrolled Posts: 936
    Hi Jeanene, thanks for the update. Someone else pointed this out previously as well. It's too bad they no longer offer the free service, but it is a great service.
  • Has anyone tried HubSpot CRM as an alternative to HighRise HQ? It is free.
  • I looked at both Hubspot and Agile CRM. I decided on Agile after playing with both of them.
  • Thank you. I will check out Agile CRM.
  • Shannon, I have been exploring Agile and have a few questions for you. What website builder did you use? Does it play well with Agile? Are you using Google Voice? Do they work together?
  • I am using Wix for my website builder. There isn't a direct integration between Agile and Wix, but I'm planning to use Zapier to connect the two. Zapier connects 123Formbuilder (Wix's form building app) to Agile contacts. I haven't actually built this yet, so I can't speak to how well this actually works. I am using Google Voice for my number, but it doesn't look like Voice will integrate with Agile.
  • Thank you for your response. It was very helpful!
  • Is there a different free contact management system that we should sign up for?
  • AdamAdam Enrolled Posts: 936
    I haven't tried it personally, but I've heard good things about, but as Shannon pointed out, she liked Agile CRM better.
  • I have have signed up for HighRise HQ and the system is terrific. it is intuitive, I scheduled and tested a couple of reminders and the program works very well. I have signed up for the free plan and have it for another 26 days, the free trial is for 30 days. It actually is free until you reach a certain number of contacts, the lowest plan is $24.00 a month. While I like this system, I do not have enough contacts to start paying for this yet. But I think that it will be the system I use once I have built up more contacts. I like the system and functionality of it.
  • I am actually checking to see if once the 30 days expire if you can continue using the system with minimal contacts without paying.. but am pending an answer. I will inform you of my experience with the customer service.
  • I have have signed up for HighRise HQ and the system is terrific. I have signed up for the free plan. so far the system is really intuitive. I have tested using the program for reminders and so far it's been so reliable I like this program and will continue to play around with it..
  • Hi Cynthia and All!.

    So I have played around with HighRise HQ for the trial period and really like its functionality, as I begin to grow my business I will use this app because it is very versatile. However, The trial period is now over, and I'm currently reluctant to incur an ongoing expense monthly for the subscription at a rate of $24.00 per month without having a customer base as of yet. Do you recommend an alternate solution that I could use for the time being, or do you recommend using this paid subscription, now in the early stages of my company formation?. I value your input.

    Thank you.
  • AdamAdam Enrolled Posts: 936
    I'd try to limit expenses at first that don't involve marketing, but if it's in the budget and you like it, it will pay for itself. I mentioned before about (the contact management part is free forever). It might be worth trying out.
  • Rosie BrownRosie Brown Enrolled Posts: 49
    This is what my Highrise HQ says; You have 1 user, 1 contact, 1 case, and 0 deals
    You haven’t uploaded any files.

    2 Users
    No storage
    250 Contacts
    3 Deals
    * Enhanced Security
    * 3 Cases

    I haven't paid anything, and have had this since March 15, 2018. But I also have not used it. So, as long as it's free, I will keep it, until I figure out how it works. @Adam, I will look at your link to Hubspot. Ladies @Rosemary Lopez-Gonzalez, @Barbara Russell, @Shannon Graham-Cornell, @Ashley Fritz, @Jeanene MacLean, @Delores French, @Cynthia Murray, I would take a look at this again.
  • @Rosie Brown wow.. that is terrific.. I think it's great.. I was using it and I love the App. but then my free trial ended so I did not keep it.. I may have to purchase the access, but I know that is is a great app.. so I would.
  • Ashley BuntonAshley Bunton Enrolled Posts: 7
    I'm with Rosie. I signed up for the same free plan she mentions above. There is a 30-day free trial but that is different than the free plan you can sign up for. I used the link Adam provided in the tutorial. The free plan is in small print right under the 3 pricing options. It's hard to see. @Rosemary Lopez-Gonzalez I would think you could go back and sign up for the free plan without any problems.
  • Rosie BrownRosie Brown Enrolled Posts: 49
    @Ashley Bunton good catch. Rosemary, try again.
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