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My First Official PO Job

Delores FrenchDelores French Enrolled Posts: 4
Excited to be working on my first official project as a PO, especially since I need before and after pics for my website. The client has agreed to do a testimonial as well. It's the client's home office, which I'd estimated would take no less than 20 hours. So far I've worked on it for 3 days, averaging 5 hours/day, and anticipate I'll complete with 2 additional hours of work as long as the client completes the homework I've assigned. Next week I'll start on their garage.


  • AdamAdam Administrator Posts: 926
    Congrats on your first official project! That's awesome to hear!
  • Amanda McCrearyAmanda McCreary Enrolled Posts: 47
    I'm a little late but, congratulations! That's fantastic!
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