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Ready to Choose Business Name

Elizabeth ConnorElizabeth Connor Guest Member Posts: 7
I'd like to purchase my domain name tonight, but I have a few variations I'm deciding between. I live in a suburb of Dallas named Frisco so I've decided to call it some version of "Frisco Organizer". I was set on friscoorganizer.com, but when I typed it out I realized that the 2 o's are next to each other. Not sure if that matters, but it just threw me off when typing. The following domains are available. Can you let me know which one you think is best? Thanks!



  • AdamAdam Administrator Posts: 847
    Hi Elizabeth, good eye on the double O's... It's not the end of the world if it has it, but I prefer to keep away from those kind of things. I would pick the HomeOrganizer variation, but the ProOrganizer one is good too.
  • Robyn WarrenRobyn Warren Enrolled Posts: 11
    That's the one I like. Exciting huh?
  • Mona Vivian NajibMona Vivian Najib Enrolled Posts: 16
    That's the one I like too. Nice job!
  • Elizabeth ConnorElizabeth Connor Guest Member Posts: 7
    It is exciting! Thanks everyone!
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