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Skype for Business--anyone familiar with this?

I'm trying to figure out what to do for phone service (I'm traveling internationally and don't have a regular SIM card since I switch it out in whatever country I'm in) and I saw that Skype has a Microsoft Office plus Skype program for like $12.50/month. I don't know anything about it really, except that I have used Skype a lot for phone and video calls while I'm abroad. Does anyone know anything about this? Anyone used it? Anyone know anyone who has used it?




  • AdamAdam Enrolled Posts: 936
    I haven't used Skype for calls, but it's a solid platform. I believe Microsoft actually now owns Skype as well.
  • Yeah. Microsoft bought them not too long ago, which is I suppose why they are now offering this bundle of services.

    I'm having some trouble with getting a business phone number because it seems like google voice and some of the others need you to have a working phone so they can transfer the calls there. Being overseas, I don't have a working phone at all and use wifi to communicate via Skype, Facebook messenger, or WhatsApp. I let my US phone number go and if I think I need to, I'll get a SIM card to use in whatever country I'm in (although I really haven't needed it at since I can pretty much communicate with everyone I want to via Skype, FB, and WA). I'll maybe give Skype a call when I'm back in the US in October and ask them some questions to see if this might work for me.

    But, I'm also wondering if I actually need to have a phone number? I imagine most people will contact me through my website and I can call them back via Skype whether or not they have a Skype account. Since most people probably also have Facebook and I'll set up a business page there, I think I can probably also use FB messenger to communicate with clients and prospects since I'd invite them to follow or like the page and could receive messages and calls that way. In your experience, will people hesitate to contact me or just pass me by if I don't have an actual phone number?
  • AdamAdam Enrolled Posts: 936
    We do not have any experience with a business not having a phone number, so I'm not sure. I would think if you have a good reason (being abroad) that it would be understandable. You would still want to make sure your clients are always able to reach you somehow if they need to.
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