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To Cynthia and Adam

Kim VollentineKim Vollentine Enrolled Posts: 7
My heart and prayers go out to you guys. Let us know you are ok in Tampa. I think I share my thoughts of our entire PO community. Being in Houston, we have seen so much of the worst, but so much of the best in community support.


  • Kristen KurtzKristen Kurtz Enrolled Posts: 4
    I second that Kim. I also wanted to see how you are doing Cynthia and Adam. Thinking about you and all those in Texas Kim!
  • Kim VollentineKim Vollentine Enrolled Posts: 7
    Thanks so much, Kristen!
  • AdamAdam Administrator Posts: 926
    Thank you everyone. We stayed safe by leaving the state before traffic built up. We are back as of yesterday and lucky to find that we have no damage. We'll be sure to catch up on community responses by tomorrow for anyone waiting on responses! Thanks again!
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