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Crazy Closet Corner Cubbies (and more!)

I'm stumped with this closet layout. She recently moved in and "it's just not working for me" she says.
1. What to do with theses corner shelves?! They are strangely very deep but because of the corner, it's a narrow opening and hard to get to anything in the back. They don't have towel storage in the bathroom so she'd like to keep 1-2 for towels.
2. All of those yellow bags? They are all LV bags and she was thinking she'd like to be able to see them (her husband hates all the strange bags) but of course they need to be protected some how. Clear boxes in the cubbies to display? She only uses them on special occasions so they don't always need to be at arms reach.
3. She also has TONS of jewelry. The tall grey piece is filled and she reassured me she already purged before the move and it's all staying.
4. She likes the shoe cubbies from Container Store and thought about making a "shoe section" to the far right under the shelf?
5. The open space is "extra" space she doesn't know how to best use. "Do I make that all purse display, all shoe organization, somehow jewelry display," is what she wants to know.
She obviously has space, it's just a shell game and would I would like to get opinions!!!

BTW, the other side of the closet is IMPECCABLE, straight out of Container Store catalog because her husband is Type A and her side of the closet drives him insane and she's tired of the arguing. Thoughts?!


  • 1.a big wooden lazy susan. 2. use instamatic camera & tag the bag 3. Jewelry I would hang so she can see what she little rack of sorts.....hope it helps
  • She knows what bag is which, it's just a matter of making it esthetically look nice and more a "display" of sorts for the purses. How would you "hang" all the jewelry? She has over $25,000 worth of purses, she's not the hanging plastic organizer type gal ;)
  • There are really beatiful wooden holders & lazy susans..... I have pics but not so tech to attach them but I will try. I couldn't do it....I could text or email them to you....I have to figure out how to get my pics faster....sorry
  • Amanda McCrearyAmanda McCreary Enrolled Posts: 47
    edited September 2017
    Looks like fun! Possible ideas:
    ?1. Keep the left side shelves for towels, linens, etc. Use the right side shelves for jewelry display (see 3)
    ?2. Stick to that same shelf and stack them in clear display boxes (CS has clear Lookers boxes in different sizes that may work) so she can see them but they’re protected from dust.
    ?3. Use the right side cubby shelves. There are many pretty display stands, metal, felt, etc., many colors, right on Amazon (or Google) for necklaces, earrings, single pieces or multiple. You could make each shelf for a certain grouping of items (fancy, everyday.) Pretend you’re doing a store display! Don’t worry too much about the depth; sometimes it’s better to sacrifice the depth for easy access at the front. You could also add some mini motion sensor lights to the inside top of each shelf so it feels like a real “display” and make the depth more visible/usable.
    ?4. I would use all of the floor space under the 1st pic clothing for shoe drawers or cubbies. CS has the clear shoe drawers that protect them from dust or the 12 pair cubbies that are open. I obviously can't tell from pics what your available dimensions are though so that will be a factor.
    ?5. If you’re talking about under the shelf with hats (2nd pic), I would use that space for all of her tall hanging clothes (dresses, long coats, etc.) From the pic, it doesn't look like she has enough long things to fill that space so you could also do some hooks down one side for everyday type purses. You could stagger some of the nicer looking/metal command hooks depending on the different size purses she has. Also, a floor basket under here for excess hangers since you'll probably lose that space under the left side rod to shoe cubbies.
    Let us know how it goes!
  • Amanda, you just gave me SO much confidence. I starred at these two pictures last night and played the shell game in my head and came to almost the EXACT same conclusion!
    1. Sweater boxes from CS on the shelf for protection/display
    2. Cubbies for shoes. I don't think I have enough space to stack two, so two side by side, heels and boots on top or boots on hangers above
    3. Display jewelry in right cubbies
    4. Linens and overstock bathroom items in left cubbies
    Was still stuck on the open space because she doesn't really NEED it, but I like the everyday bags, maybe accessories, scarfs, belts, etc she has in a bin under shirts can come out and we can hang them.

    Again, thank you....I actually DO know what I'm doing after all!
  • That's great!! The pictures can be a lifesaver. Sometimes standing there with a client who is expecting instant ideas can be so stressful. I know I sometimes panic about figuring it all out.
    Let us know how it turns out :smiley:
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