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My first consultation! Is it for me?

Bella HotiBella Hoti Guest Member Posts: 8
I had my first consultation today with a new client but got little bit scared, also having second thoughts. I have been fererred from a preview client to a new client but it was a bit diffrent than the ones I worked before. This house is very big, she needs the whole house organiezed, starting from attic to the basement. It looked overwhelming at first. It requires shelving and perchesing new atorage items. The women is very happy how things went and sent an email saying "she can't wait to work with me" I am just sacred because it's a very big project! Any suggestions are very appreciated!


  • Cynthia MurrayCynthia Murray Administrator, Enrolled Posts: 960
    Hi Bella, congrats! Focusing on what all need to be done in the house all at once, can be extremely overwhelming, no matter how long you've been organizing. I've organized whole homes before and I enjoyed it, while also having a steady flow of income for a few months as well.

    Start with the highest priority room first, do a consultation of the space, pictures, measurements, etc. You have to break it down and focus on one room at a time. Purge then organize, then move to the next space and assess that area, and so forth. You can do it!

  • Bella HotiBella Hoti Guest Member Posts: 8
    thats very helpful. Thank your for taking your time to respond to my messages
  • Cynthia MurrayCynthia Murray Administrator, Enrolled Posts: 960
    You're welcome, Bella!
  • Martha KelleyMartha Kelley Enrolled Posts: 3
    I can totally relate to this! It's easy to look at the big picture and get completely overwhelmed. Stay focused on one thing at a time. Then, revisit the rooms you've organized and it motivates you to keep going! (I'm nearing the end of a project and I can finally see the finish line.) :smiley:
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