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Website Recently Published

Hi All!

I would love any feedback you could offer on my newly published website:


Thank you!!


  • Jenny WelhouseJenny Welhouse Enrolled Posts: 4
    Thank you both for the feedback! @Cynthia Murray - I agree with your suggestions and have made the changes! The only one I am still trying to figure out is the image. It was a Weebly image, so I'm not sure why it's pixelated? I'll figure it out or change the image. Thank you again for the feedback!!

    Here's the updated site:

  • Mona Vivian NajibMona Vivian Najib Enrolled Posts: 16
    I think your website looks great! Congratulations!
  • Bella HotiBella Hoti Guest Member Posts: 8
    Your website looks amazing!
  • Cynthia MurrayCynthia Murray Administrator, Enrolled Posts: 960
    @Jenny Welhouse , great job on the changes, and the About Me page too. Maybe Weebly has a selection of images that are larger than that one that wouldn't be pixelated, even though you'd think they'd all be large enough to fit their templates just fine.
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