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Needing Shelf Help ASAP!!!

The Ikea Lack shelf has long been a personal and professional favorite of mine due to the clean/simple lines and obviously the cost effectiveness! But recently I had a client purchase and hang these and they were completely unstable. Come to find out, I look them down and they changed the hardware. They don't have the rods that come out anymore, it's just a lip and won't hold anything of substantial weight!

What's an organizer to do? What are your "go to" floating shelves that can hold weight and not cost a client an arm and a leg? Need to know ASAP because I'm returning in 2 days and have to have answers!


  • Cynthia MurrayCynthia Murray Administrator, Enrolled Posts: 1,047
    Hi @Donna Malone , did you find any alternatives? That's good to know they changed their hardware, I had no idea! Which is unfortunate if all it does it make it less stable!
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