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Business Card Feedback

Hey everyone! I had these cards printed through Vistaprint at the beginning of the summer, when I left my 9-5 and was ready to dive in headfirst to my coaching + organizing business.

I'd love some feedback, as I'm getting ready to get some more printed. I've got my Google Voice phone number that I'd like to replace my personal cell # with, and I'm also thinking that I'd like to put 3 powerful questions for people to ponder as they consider embarking on a journey of personal/spatial transformation.

I personally love the vertical orientation of this, as well as the bright splash of yellow. In the world of color theory, yellow is about being vibrant, energetic, and clear - all things I want to convey through my business.

I sometimes worry that the yellow is TOO MUCH for potential clients - but on the other side, I want to accurately reflect the person who I am and what's important to me in my practice. I'm trying to find the balance between staying neutral to cast out the widest net for potential clients - and really being true to my colorful, energetic self.

Any thoughts, feedback or personal experiences with this topic would be greatly appreciated!


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