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Hello! I am new and excited to begin the journey. Business name ideas.

I have been in the Fitness and Wellness industry for over 30 years but have always had a passion for organizing. I am sad to be laid off after successfully managing a corporate fitness center for 25 years due to a change in facility management. However, now I have the opportunity to combine my skills to start this new adventure. I plan to be a professional organizer and wellness coach. This way I can not only help clients get their kitchen or pantry organized but also teach them how to make healthy food choices; I can set up a home workout space and design an exercise routine for them to follow. I am a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor and have planned many special events like health fairs, member appreciation parties and lunch and learns.

I think I want to use the name Well Organized by Lisa (Well Organized is taken.) I have a few other ideas but just in case, can I register it through name to save it. It's only a $10 investment for the name correct?


  • Sorry to hear about you being laid off, but like you said, it's allowing this time to focus on a new adventure, organizing! I love that you can incorporate fitness and organizing. I just started Crossfit about 6 weeks ago, and I love how much of a great workout I get every time. Compared to a typical gym where I'd hope I got half a decent work out trying to figure it out on my own!

    I love the name and it's very fitting for both titles. And, yes, it's typically $10 a year, so if you're pretty positive about that, I'd grab it while it's available. If you decide to go with something else later, it'd just be another $10.
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