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What Category to choose for FB Business Page?

Donna MaloneDonna Malone Enrolled Posts: 95
edited December 2017 in Facebook Fan Page and Ads
I'm seriously on the FIRST step of setting up a FB business page. I selected "Company, Organization or Institution" but there isn't a category that is appropriate for Professional Organizing and there isn't an "other" selection to customize....what did you all select?

FYI, I also tried "Local Business" but you have to enter a physical address and I'm not wanting to list my home address.


  • Priscila SaboiaPriscila Saboia Enrolled Posts: 1
    Hello Donna! You can try the “local business” and, in the adress, put only the neighborhood (with the zipcode). The neighborhood is important to the clients, you’ll atract people who live near you
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