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Added a new page to my website

Hey there, everyone! I published my website on the 19th of last month and had my first consultation with a potential client who's actually needing help downsizing from a 5k sf house. They had planned to spend a handful of days out of town and told me that they would let me know what they decided after they return. Since having the consultation it occurred to me that I would like to market myself more heavily toward this area as I had just finished helping my mom do a whole-house organizing project, which took months. I would love it if you would go to my website: and give me some feedback on my 'Downsizing' page and let me know what I could add or take away to make it better. Thank you!


  • Sorry about that! You were right, I hadn't clicked 'Publish,' yet. So sorry for wasting your time. Thank you for attempting to check it out though.
  • Wasn’t a waste of time, it’s always helpful to see what others in the field are using for marketing.

    Regarding the downsizing page: I really like your wording and it draws to a relatable place I think. However, it was very difficult to read with the rock formations and dark areas of the beach scene as a background. I like the peaceful feeling of the beach and what it represents but maybe a lighter picture? Also, maybe it’s just me but I didn’t get the meal picture when the page opens, kinda gave me a feeling of supersizing rather than downsizing.

    Overall I really like the way you’ve designed your site. It’s very clear what you offer and how the process works all mixed with a positive “it can be done” undertone.
  • Lol! I'm trying to get to the bottom of why that burger pic is on there! I've contacted Weebly and still trying to get it figured out because it's not there on my Weebly site. I also am trying to get that picture to have the same feature as the one on the bottom of my Home page, where it's underneath and shows after the text when you scroll. So, yeah, know that seeing it is an issue and trying to get that fixed. Thank you, Lisa Marie, for the feedback! :
  • Yay, it's fixed!
  • Thank you! :)
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