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Recent thoughts from users of Grasshopper

I've been trying to decide which company to use for a virtual phone number. I looked into Grasshopper first as recommended here and noticed that this past year that they have many bad reviews from customers who were happy before but not at all with their new updates. They mentioned not getting calls or messages until much later and the same for them sending out messages. Just wondering if anyone has any positive recent experiences with them. Also looking at Mighty Call but they definitely are priced higher.

Getting a little frustrated trying to figure this out but need a business number before I can move forward.


  • When I listened to the training module on this subject, it was suggested we go with Google Voice, which is what I did and it has worked great so far.
  • How long have you been using Google Voice? I did check into them as well and found many bad reviews from people who previously loved the service. Most were related to the app crashing frequently.
  • I've had it for weeks but I wouldn't say long enough to give a very knowledgable review. If other people have had issues with it, I may end up finding that as well.
  • Hi, I've used Google Voice for over a year with no problems.
  • KarenDLBKarenDLB Enrolled Posts: 17
    It is good to know that Olga and Leslie have had no issues with Google Voice. For me, it has been a different experience. I had my business cards ready with my google voice number and after 5 months of using the service, my calls were redirected to some other nice guy and not me. I decided to use my personal number for now :(
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