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The hurdle of the business name

Admittedly I am struggling with this. I have brainstormed a page of names but the ones I like the most are taken. Would like some input of the few I have found available (by adding an "s", or switching the words around, or adding ATL (I live in the Atlanta area)).
Uncover Space
Uncover Your Space
Simplified Space ATL
Space Simplified
Atlanta's Home Organizer

I can't say that I'm crazy about any of them (I wanted Creating Space - which is sort of available if I add a word to it). I've just let this hold me up for almost a year now and I want to move forward!


  • AdamAdam Enrolled Posts: 936
    I like the Space Simplified one, although any of those could work. I'd say don't let this hold you up. Check this off your list as soon as you can and move onto the next thing! Keep the momentum going.
  • Thanks for your feedback!

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