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Elevator Speech

Michelle TannerMichelle Tanner Guest Member Posts: 1
Hi Everyone,

I am working on my elevator speech. I have started attending local social networking groups and I'm not in love with my statement. I would appreciate some suggestions.

My business name is Catagorica - stemming from the word category. I want people to feel peace, calm, balance, order & more time when they hear my statement.

Catagorica is a professional home organization company that creates categorized & organized spaces. Our mission is to give our clients more balance & simplicity in their lives through organization allowing more time to spend with friends & family, doing the things they enjoy.

Thank you for your suggestions!!


  • AdamAdam Administrator Posts: 926
    Hi Michelle, what part of your statement do you feel you're not in love with? I think it's challenging to get someone to feel all those things you mentioned within a short elevator speech. The "elevator speech" is really what you would quickly tell someone if they asked you "so what do you do?"
  • Susane Marangoni MolinaSusane Marangoni Molina Enrolled Posts: 3
    Hi Michelle!

    I really like the principles of you business. Would you mind if I make a suggestion?
    What if when people ask you what do you do, you answer "I bring balance and simplicity in my customers lives through organization. Then, with the conversation going on, you could explain better what Catagorica is all about...
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