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Just Domain vs Domain & Hosting - which one to get?

Stephanie BelangerStephanie Belanger Enrolled Posts: 9
after viewing the module discussing BustaName.com, I'm confused as to which one to buy from - just Domain, or Domain & Hosting; other than cost, what exactly is the difference between the 2? Which is recommended and why?


  • AdamAdam Admin, Enrolled Posts: 930
    I only use Bustaname to research and find names available. Then, I will register those names using Namecheap (or Godaddy if you prefer). I don't use the hosting through the domain name providers at all.
  • Stephanie BelangerStephanie Belanger Enrolled Posts: 9
    ok- thanks! I'm trying to follow along with registering your .com module, but Namecheap doesn't look the same at all at my end; and the 'included' Whoisguard isn't mentioned or included in my cart - nor is there an express checkout. Perhaps it's time to revamp that module? When I checked the 'hosting' on Namecheap, those options include the Whoisguard (they say they're throwing it in the sweeten the deal, but only if you purchase the shared hosting option)...? Any insight there?
  • Stephanie BelangerStephanie Belanger Enrolled Posts: 9
    nevermind... I clicked on checkout and found that they are offering the whoisguard for free.. sorry!
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