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Yeah!!.. My LLC. is confirmed with the State Of New York - but now I have tons of Questions

Hi Everyone:

Yesterday I have received my package from Legal Zoom with my registration materials from the state of New York registering my LLC. It was quite an amazing moment to see my company "Organizing Boutique, LLC." being an official company I was overjoyed.
Within the packet I have received the confirmation letter outlining what comes in the pack which includes a help guide, customer service info. Next steps instructions -which includes requirement steps to take for deciding to get and EIN number. Which will likely be the route I take. -The next steps will be to confirm the tax setup and file paper work to IRS. I will speak to a lawyer and also to the accountant as needed for the tax set up. After reviewing the package, I have quite a number of questions.


  • Here are my Questions: I hope submitting them in this format is appropriate:

    1. Do we need to get an EIN # right now / since my LLC is set up as a sole proprietor operation?

    2. I have heard in the module and read that I need to get published. I have begun to receive spam snail mail from various attorneys indicating that I have to hurry and rush to get published and I'm seeing that this is very very expensive in my county in NYC. I understand in my documents from Legal zoom that this has to occur within 120ish days of becoming registered to be in compliance with the state laws. Also, one must be published in two news papers for a period of six consecutive weeks. I've seen prices for $395-$900. So, do you have any guidance on this?

    3. Do I need a sellers permit for services or is that only for selling goods?

    4. When charging for "packages" is sales tax to be incorporated in the transaction? if so, do I need a sales tax certificate from the NY State department of taxation and finance?

    5. Do I need a license or sellers permit to run the business from my home?

    6. The LLC has my residential address on it, can you advise if this information is public or private. If public, is there any way that I can change that to private?

    7. For the membership Application do I need a company seal? do you know where I could get that?

    8. Legal Zoom is my registered Agent of service, the letter they sent indicated that I needed an agent at all times, but they do charge an annual fee. Do you know if there is a work around?.

    So, I realize that this is a lot for one posting, but after the excitement of receiving my package, the reality sunk in that this is real and I need to know more hence my series of questions. Please let me know if this is an acceptable format or if you'd like me to break down questions differently. Also, I do plan on speaking to the legal zoom attorney for more info, but I am interested in seeing if you have any insight with your past experiences on the questions I have. thank you and sorry for being so long.. :blush:

  • Hello Adam!!! Thank you so very much for your responses!! I’m researching the resources you shared and taking steps to complete these items to then move on in the modules. I really appreciate your feedback. Thank you kindly!!
  • Hi All:

    Adam, thanks so much for the above resources. A Lot has been going on.. been traveling for work so feel a bit behind.

    I am very happy to report back that I have been able to secure my EIN # with the state of New York and submitted those documents to the state. (That was easy as you said Adam) I have also hired an agent to assist with the LLC Publishing Application process. This was probably the most expensive operating cost as of yet, $535.00. However this will ensure that I am legally published according to the State of New York's requirements and standards. I will be published in two papers that are assigned by the state and will thereafter received confirmations and legal documents to verify my compliance with the state.

    While it was a bit tricky to decide given all of the moving parts, I chose outsourcing this requirement because it required too much on my part that I am not familiar with pertaining to dealing with the state and designing legal documents (which I am unable to do). I felt that it was best to use an agency, is rated A+ with the BBB. I have received so much mail from 3rd party vendors it was difficult to make a decision. The A+ rating and the excellent customer service I experienced when doing research made it easy to decide for me. So, now this step will be finalized with the state of New York in 8-12 weeks. I can now move on knowing that I will be in full compliance. I hope this information is helpful to anyone in the state of NY. I'll update you as things progress.
  • Hi All:

    Sooo.. I have a very exciting update.. in my earlier post with tons of questions, I asked about legal publication requirements. In the state of NY.. Publication is legally required in the state in order to operate one's business in compliance with the state of New York.

    So I proceeded with this step and as of yesterday, my legal business formation notice has been published in the NY Daily News Paper, and also a local other paper that will run for 5 more weeks then I can move on from this stage in my business development. it's a process, but I am glad that it's getting done early and correctly.. thank you Cindy and Adam.!
  • Rosemary Lopez-GonzalezRosemary Lopez-Gonzalez Enrolled Posts: 64
    edited July 3
    At Long Last Friends!!!.. I am very happy to report after about 12 weeks or so, I am almost finalized with my legal publication requirements. I have received a notice that I will be receiving my affidavits to confirm my legal compliance with New York State - I am really happy to have this done, it does take a long time, it can be expensive but it is worth doing it the correct way in your particular state so that you do not run into compliance issues when running your business. - Best of luck to those of you waiting to complete this process.

    Does anyone know if this is an annual requirement or just a one time thing when you have formalized your business?.. I really would dislike if this is an annual requirement. : (..
  • Rosie BrownRosie Brown Enrolled Posts: 49
    OMG! New York is special! LOL
  • Hey @Rosie Brown . this is traumatizing!!.. LOL.. I'm still waiting for the state of NY to send my the final confirmation.. that I am complete.. I have the affidavits but not the final word from the state.. still waiting.. Hopefully soon.. keeping fingers crossed!
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