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Copy writing

Hi Cynthia, Adam and All:

I am struggling integrating my prior work history with my Professional Organizing business in the copy writing in about me. I don't want to go on and on about my past self so much, but I want to be able to incorporate my strong time management skills, problem solving skills and creativity, but also want to appeal to a wider audience given my professional experience as well as assist with stay at home mothers or anyone that needs help, I have a college degree in Organizational Management in business and have worked in corporate america on wall street for over 15 years with project management experience, in event management and as Executive Assistant and now I am a Human Resources Administration manager. I know that all that I have done in my corporate history can be integrated into Professional Organizing, but somehow, I am unable to tie it all in. Do you have any suggestions or recommendations. thank you so much. - feeling a little stuck..


  • Rosie BrownRosie Brown Enrolled Posts: 49
    @Rosemary Lopez-Gonzalez your experience is WOW! I am just seeing this post, and I've seen your website, and you done a great job. I have mine up, but like to mentioned to someone else in another post, it's always a work in progress. I will continue looking at mine, and making adjustments along the way. Talk to you soon.
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