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Feedback on my website, thanks!

KarenDLBKarenDLB Enrolled Posts: 17
Hello everyone!! After having lots of doubts, ups and downs with some family issues I finally decided to go back to this awesome project of helping people organize their homes and offices. So yes after many months I am back on track and I launched my website. Any comments are welcomed and I hope reading from you soon.

Notes: I am still missing the before and after pics, I will change my pic and include some testimonials soon.
I had to see my website out there, I guess I work better under pressure.

Thank you and have a great day


  • Rosie BrownRosie Brown Enrolled Posts: 49
    Hi @KarenDLB, like you, my life has gotten in the way on staying on track, so thank you for getting me back to where I need to be, FINISHING MY MODULES AND GETTING MY WEBSITE UP AS WELL, so I can start making money and hopefully making this my primary INCOME. I'm glad you are on track now, I will follow your lead and start on my website tonight.

    So, I just want to make some suggestions, from what I can remember from the modules.

    First, I want to say I love your website, it's crisp and clean.

    When I saw Cynthia mention ESL, I automatically thought English as a Second Language. I liked that play on words. But then noticed you speak Spanish, "Hablo español y con gusto puedo atenderle en nuestro idioma." You should definitely put this up top, as this is a big asset, in my opinion. I am Hispanic, and will definitely be using this to my advantage.

    Your name, phone number and locations you will serve, as mentioned in the modules, should be on all pages. I found it a little hard to read your phone number on the "Contact" page, maybe use a different color than the background.

    I am hoping this is helpful, as I believe we should all work together to empower each other. I'm hoping that I have not crossed any lines with my comments.

    Good luck with your business.

  • KarenDLBKarenDLB Enrolled Posts: 17
    Thank you @Cynthia Murray and @Rosie Brown I will definitely take your comments into consideration! It's nice to read your feedback. To be honest after a week of checking the community I thought no one was going to comment, so I stopped checking for feedback haha.
    Once again I am glad you did. Modifications will happen this week.
    Have a nice afternoon ladies :)
  • Cynthia MurrayCynthia Murray Enrolled Posts: 1,070
    Sorry for the delay! Great job on your website and moving forward. :)
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