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Web name

laura stallonelaura stallone Enrolled Posts: 19
edited May 18 in General
Ok, here I go...
My business name is complete and registered at Namecheap:
Stallone Organizing Solutions.
My email: [email protected]
Now, my website: could be: www.stalloneorganizingsolutions.com. Is there any reason why I could not make it different and shorter: www.sos.com (taken...rats) or www.laurasos.com.
Would people not find me. Should they all be the same? I'm stuck. Thanks for input.


  • Rosemary Lopez-GonzalezRosemary Lopez-Gonzalez Enrolled Posts: 64
    Hi Laura, I like the idea of shortening the name, but then clients would not know what you are offering if it was something like sos.com.. congrats on registering your company name.. it's a great feeling and accomplishment.
  • laura stallonelaura stallone Enrolled Posts: 19
    I am asking just for my website name. Maybe Adam the Techy knows...does my website name need to be same name as business or doesn't matter as when people search, there would be key names: Stallone, organizing, sos, laura etc. that would pull me up. I haven't gotten that far yet, but I am working on my business cards and I'm not sure what to put on them.
  • laura stallonelaura stallone Enrolled Posts: 19
    www.stalloneorganizing.com?? Leave off "solutions" for website. Does it matter??
  • Cynthia MurrayCynthia Murray Admin, Enrolled Posts: 1,066
    @laura stallone , shortening your domain name to www.stalloneorganizing.com and leaving off solutions is totally fine and won't cause issue when using keywords and coming up in the search engines. And you'll also have your full business name on your website and everywhere else.

    Also, I'm sure what @Rosemary Lopez-Gonzalez suggested about not using S.O.S. was in regards to your original question, about your domain name. I agree with her about not shortening it too much to S.O.S.
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