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Google Adwords

It would seem that Google Adwords entire interface has completely changed since you created module 7. I can't seem to specify multiple locations (radius) as you suggested. I live in Clarksville, TN (on the Kentucky/Tennessee border) and need to set my 30 miles radius parameters within the state of Tennessee as I am not yet licensed in Kentucky. If I chose specific towns/cities, it creates large gaps within the area I can and will service. I will reach out to Google directly for more guidance but wanted to let you know it might be worth revamping this module for us newbies... if you have any insight on the subject, please let me know.


  • KarenDLBKarenDLB Enrolled Posts: 17
    I agree with you Stephanie, plus the link for the promotion is no longer effective, at least that is what I experienced this past Friday.
  • Stephanie BelangerStephanie Belanger Enrolled Posts: 9
    It looks like Google redirected me to set up account via Google AdWords Express which does not allow important edits. I was able to set up account on Google AdWords but found that the only way to "omit" the radius covering area I cannot work in is to use the "location" option instead of radius
  • AdamAdam Admin, Enrolled Posts: 930
    Hi guys, updates are coming tomorrow.
  • AdamAdam Admin, Enrolled Posts: 930
    The Google Adwords videos are updated!
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