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Domain vs Business Name

laura stallonelaura stallone Enrolled Posts: 19
Ok, here I go...
My business name is complete and registered at Namecheap:
Stallone Organizing Solutions.
My email: [email protected]
Now, my website: could be: www.stalloneorganizingsolutions.com. Is there any reason why I could not make it different and shorter: www.sos.com (taken...rats) or www.laurasos.com or just stalloneorganizing.com (leaving out solutions)
Would people not find me?? Should they all be the same? I'm stuck. Thanks for input.


  • AdamAdam Admin, Enrolled Posts: 930
    Your domain can be different from your state registered business name. I would recommend it be different if it's long as yours is. It won't cause any problems. I would just say don't make it something completely different.
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