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Free Professional Email is there another way to do it?

Hi Adam,

I have my domain established with Godaddy so the free email set up is not not an option, they charge a monthly fee which is nominal, but I do not see the point in paying at this time. The other option is if you buy a subscription, they give you a professional email address for free for a year. Is there an alternate way to have a professional email address.. I am do not want to incur the overhead on email when I could simply use gmail if that is an option. Please advise.



  • AdamAdam Enrolled Posts: 936
    You can still do the gmail rerouting option using Godaddy. You may need to ask their chat support or you can try going to workspace email, expand it, then click "set up," then "free account forwarding with domain.
  • Great, thank you Adam. I will give that a try..
  • I'm stuck with this.. should I contact google, godaddy, or smtp 2go.. I've left them a message.. do not know how to get past this.. : (
  • AdamAdam Enrolled Posts: 936
    There are two steps with this that will work independently from one another.

    Step 1 (get emails to come to your gmail account) (Needs to be done first)
    This only requires you to contact Godaddy to forward your email to your gmail account. You can get this done through their live chat feature.

    Step 2 (be able to email out from your gmail account as your pro email)
    This is where you'll set up smtp2go

    Try to focus on Step 1 first and do some test emails to your PO email to make sure they get delivered to your gmail account.

    Once that's working, we can focus on step 2.
  • Hi Adam, thank you so very much for this detailed explanation. I am not sure what occurred in my mind that I combined both steps and got it all confused. I so appreciate your explaining clearly for me. thanks again!
  • Hi Again..

    soo I have not gotten to the bottom of this. Not my ideal way, but it's done!.. and I have a solution that works for me.. FYI.. given all of the changes that these companies make, you may have to call them when you are ready to take these steps to see if any of this information is current.

    According to someone I spoke to today at SMTP2go, it does not allow you to use gmail for free SMTP server activity. "The only way to add our service to Gmail's mail client is to add another email account (not an address)" via the Settings page." They allow you to sign up for free email, subscribe to their plan, which includes 1,000 emails per month (25 emails per hour). I am not sure how that works, I was too confused to ask.

    All of this was just so foreign to me.. sooo, with that.. I have gone to GoDaddy and purchased the email domain so that it is a professional email service (Outlook) and I do not have to do anything on the back end of things.

    Phew.. I gave it a good try and was stuck trying to do it the free for too many weeks. : (.. bummer.. but at least I'm set with this step.

    Good luck!
  • AdamAdam Enrolled Posts: 936
    It is tricky because companies change and it's a more complicated set up. I try to create the training to make it as inexpensive as possible to run the business, but sometimes it does complicate things to save a few dollars. I'm not sure what Godaddy charges, but we personally now use the basic version of, which is $5/mo and it allows you to use your professional email address plus added storage and others through Google Drive, etc.
  • Hi Adam, yes that's what I think is so great about the training. I am able to see how mindful you and Cynthia are in your approach to save us new entrepreneurs money while we are in the start up phase. I really appreciate that because, these small costs are really starting to add up and fiscally, it's scary especially since I'm not generating income from the business yet.. So, I think that the conservative approach is good.

    Given my limited tech ability, I thought that it would be wise to throw in the towel in this case, I was very frustrated to keep trying.. the deal I got with Go Daddy was full professional email with my name and domain [email protected], /calendar/task outlook for $3.80 per month. The catch is you have to buy the full year subscription. So, I paid $91.20 for two years to get the savings. Overall, not too bad.. If anyone ends up doing this, remember to go to your website and update your email links and include the new email with your original email in the system. This will allow you to always see if anyone emails you or submits a form from your website one one email or another. It may be redundant, but it was recommended by GoDaddy when I spoke to the rep today and I agree that it makes sense so as to ensure all emails are being received. Thanks again Adam. I'm off to the next challenge.. FaceBook!.. See you in the next discussions.

  • Rosie BrownRosie Brown Enrolled Posts: 49
    Yes, I have to pay Weebly monthly to get my professional email. UGH
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