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Yeah.. My biggest project has just arrived

Hello All:

I am so very excited!.. I have my biggest project tomorrow a whole house organizing job. *not that I will do the whole house tomorrow :) but I'll start this project tomorrow. I'm so glad to see my google adwords working and in action.. yeah.. it works.. she found me on google.. This is such a special situation and a unique case for me.. I have never met the client except over the phone a couple of days ago and will be doing the consultation and starting the work with her same day.. She was so overwhelmed when we spoke and I'm sooo beyond happy to be able to help her..

I am also a bit nervous.. first day jitters.. But I'm sure it will work out great.. Good luck to you all too.

See you again soon!


  • Hiiiii Friends.. OMG.. I did part of my first job.. I was soooo nervous, I left my house super early and then still got stuck in traffic.. So please give yourself extra travel time.. nothing worse then being delayed and nervous. I was a few minutes behind but felt terrible on top of the nerves, sometimes there are situations especially in New York City that are unavoidable..

    @Rosie Brown and @laura stallone !.. Well. to prepare is harrdddddd work girls, it is draining and can be very exhausting especially can be if you are dealing with an emotional situation. We were clearing a young widow's husband's belongings with a little boy in the home. it was very touching on so many levels.. We worked for 9 hours straight.. I had a very short break, brought my lunch but was too exhausted to get it from my car cooler, so had my apples, nuts and a power bar that I had prepacked in my work bag the night before. Please, do yourself a favor.. make sure you let the client know that you need a break when you need it and stay fed and hydrated. This is the type of situation where you need physical and mental energy to do it all. My client was ready to do the whole house!!!.. Boy I have stamina, but not all of that in one day.

    Also, bring some little rubber gloves to protect your hands, I did but forgot to use them an now my cuticles are raw :blush: .. I did finally take a short break and was able to enjoy my coffee for a few minutes.. Bring your coffee too! My client was so excited and viewed our date as a special occasion but forgot to offer water in her excitement until late in the day, but I was totally fine. Be prepared.. I would suggest that you review all of Cynthia's video's again. Remember her advice, bring snacks and lots of water to stay hydrated and dress comfy you will be sweating and moving around a lot.. Ohh.. Yes.. don't forget to take pictures if they have signed the photo consent.. you and the client will love to look back at them at the end of the session like I did.

    Another tip, re-read your contracts, your materials make sure that you have the information ready and packed in your bag.. Please sure that you know your numbers your pricing and rates very well.. I soo messed up when we were so tired and was collecting the payment and mis-quoted.. so I ended shortchanging myself, I could not back peddle at that moment - so on the invoice, I'll show that amount missing as a credit to the consultation. Also... try to ensure that you have your payment options ready.. you need to know how you can accept a payment from the client if it is not cash or a check if the client will pay by credit card you need to have a merchant account set up.. try paypal.. the customer does not have to have an account. There is a fee for this, but it is nominal but mostly it is soooo convenient..

    I encountered a question.. how do I collect a payment from clients when you have package pricing, how do have the client pay you? should it be that they pay half as a deposit to secure the dates in my calendar then we divide the remainder of package price so that the rest is paid during each visit?.. I'm not sure of the best way to do this. Please let me know what you think? I would really appreciate your help..

    Hmmm...what else can I tell you?.. pace yourself.. enjoy the wonderful experience of helping someone in need. Come up with creative solutions, try to encourage that the client not spend money on containers and to recycle what they have as they probably have thousands of them somewhere.

    Do your very best and enjoy.. remember self care is critical .. you have to be well so that you can help someone else too.. xoxox..

    Best of luck to you all..



  • Cynthia MurrayCynthia Murray Enrolled Posts: 1,070
    @Rosemary Lopez-Gonzalez , Congrats on completing your first work day, which was a long one on top of that! It's important for you to always be aware of the time and when suggest when it's time for a break. It doesn't have to be a predetermined time all the time, but for a long work day like you had, you should have taken a 20-30 minute lunch break and a couple 10 min breaks or so. The client needs a break too, even if they're excited to keep going. Something to note for next time and you can even let the client know at the beginning of the work day. "Today I figured we could break for a 20-30 minute lunch break around X time, then have a couple short quick breaks too to recollect ourselves and make sure we are taking time to breathe for a minute."

    It's up to you how you will accept payment. I only accepted cash and check for a while, then I got the Square Up to accept credit cards, which I only had very few clients to actually use that, which was fine with me. Be aware of the fees, while they're not a lot, if they're paying around $1,000 or high amount, the fees may be significant. If using paypal or an online payment system, be sure to have a smart phone with you so you can have the client book at the end of the consultation, rather than leaving and waiting for them to pay online on their own. This is where a small device like the Square Up comes in handy. Not sure if paypal has one or not.

    If you have package pricing, typically they'd pay at least half up front to lock in their pricing, then the other half could be done once the first half of hours is used up (rather than per work day).

    Once again, great job! I used to work long days with clients before I had kids, then afterwards my longest session would be 6 hours (which was rare), but normally it'd be around 4 hours.
  • Hiiii @laura stallone !!!.. OMG! who hooo.. congratulations to you my dear!.. Thank you as well.. awesome.. I am so happy to hear it went so well for you.. there is nothing better then knowing that you were able to help your client and come away with the experience that you have finally found where you are supposed to be.. I am so very happy for you. I am also so excited about the prospect of my continued project. We are booked until early September weekly and sometimes 2x per week..The icing on the cake was when my client called me on Tuesday of this week to tell me that she cant' stop looking at the space we worked on and then started a project on her own to completion.. She told me that she has a new perspective and that I have changed her life.. I practically wanted to cry.. really.. I'm going back again this full weekend because then we are both traveling and unable to meet for a bit, then on until school starts.. :smile: I wish you all of the best and continued success. You should be proud of yourself...

    Warm regards,

  • Go Profitable Organizers!!!...We are doing it.. Thank you Adam and Cynthia!! I am looking forward to your new program and in seeing what you have in store for us..
  • Rosie BrownRosie Brown Enrolled Posts: 49
    @Rosemary Lopez-Gonzalez and @Laura stallone. I am so HAPPY for you ladies. Rosemary, I was exhausted with all you did, you go girl! Laura, great job helping that family as well, you ladies are an inspiration. I am trying to finish my website today so I can publish it, but need some feedback on the "About Me."

    Keep doing what you are doing ladies, I will be right behind you!!!
  • @Rosie Brown and @laura stallone Thank you both so much!!.. I am sooo excited and I think that my excitement is contagious to my clients and my family and friends. They have asked, "what the?" where did you get all of that energy from?.. it's so great.. You are also doing terrific. I wish you all of the very best as you continue forming your businesses and please share the excitement that you have too with me.. I'm so happy to see when my colleagues are succeeding. What I love about being in a community of professional organizers is that we can share experiences and collaborate as we learn and work together as we continue on our journey.. Rosie, just let us know when we can take a look at your about me so that we can share some helpful fine tuning tips and feedback. I overthought it too.. just remember you'd like to convey the message of who you are so that people can get a sense of you and how you can help them.. Laura, you'll feel so accomplished once you complete your website.. Do your best and then as you get better you can go back and fine tune where you need to improve.

    So friends. I'll be unavailable for a bit and will have limited access for this forum for a bit, but I'll try to stay connected when possible so, I will be in touch again soon.. In the meantime, please take care and Best of Luck!!..


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