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Set up on WIX before finding out about this site. Suggestions?

Hi! :->
I grabbed my domain name on before knowing about Profitable Organizer and Weebly. I’m good at graphic arts but not interested in the time curve in learning multiple WYSIWYG sites. So, do I transfer what I’ve done at WIX over the weebly? (I only secured my domain name on/thru WIX for a year ~$100). How does my time in week 6 here help me if I have a WIX site? Would you move over? Thanks in advance for any thoughts or suggestions. I really do appreciate it! -Nanelyn


  • AdamAdam Enrolled Posts: 936
    If you are comfortable with using Wix, then you can still apply the overall concepts there. If you are not yet comfortable with it, I would suggest transferring the domain over.
  • Nanelyn MitchellNanelyn Mitchell Enrolled Posts: 8
    Gotcha. I’ve bought a similar domain name on NameCheap, have signed up with Weebly and am now going through the steps....... THX! :->
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