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My first pantry-Before and After-4 hours

laurenmeyerlaurenmeyer Enrolled Posts: 646
The blue tubs on the floor are on wheels so they can pull out easily-Zoey is the dog's food!
Pantry before.JPG
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  • Cynthia MurrayCynthia Murray Administrator, Enrolled Posts: 1,058
    WOW! Great job, Lauren! Those white baskets and chalk labels look like what I used for ours, aren't they great??
  • laurenmeyerlaurenmeyer Enrolled Posts: 646
    That's because I studied your video about 3 times and looked all over the place online to come up with it! Thanks for your suggestions in the video! Next time it will be lots easier for me. It helped when the client said there was no budget!!! But I spent way too much time shopping looking for just the right pieces. Like I said next time will be lots easier I hope! I've decided to narrow the area where I shop for organizing supplies to one section of town, instead of running all over the place!
  • Cynthia MurrayCynthia Murray Administrator, Enrolled Posts: 1,058
    That's a good idea. I also try and swing by stores on the way home from a client, say, if there's a Target nearby and I need a few things for that client next work session, or for another client.
  • oddyoddy Enrolled Posts: 173
    What a difference! What was your budget? (if you don't mind me asking). Also, where did you get the door rack?

    Great job!
  • laurenmeyerlaurenmeyer Enrolled Posts: 646
    There was no budget! But I got the white bins for $2.99 for the small ones, $3.99 for the bigger ones at our grocery store, Meijer. The total cost was $140 for supplies. I got the over the door organizer at Bed Bath and Beyond after looking at every store imaginable! Used my 20% off coupon for it and it was about $28.
  • Erin FrittsErin Fritts Enrolled Posts: 22
    Looks great! I love the rolling blue bins; where did you find those, Meijer? Those over the door organizer are so great for pantries. You did a wonderful for your first time!
  • laurenmeyerlaurenmeyer Enrolled Posts: 646
    Thank you! Yes, I got them at Meijer as well. I think they were $10. The clients LOVE it! They can keep me busy for weeks! They are the best purgers I've ever seen, except for the 14 bags of chips! So fun!
  • histoleadhistolead Guest Member Posts: 2
  • oddyoddy Enrolled Posts: 173
    Do you look online at all for items first? Or do you like to go shop in person?
  • laurenmeyerlaurenmeyer Enrolled Posts: 646
    It depends on how much time I have. In this case I didn't have much time between jobs and I wanted to visually "eye up" the containers to see if they'd fit. I ordered 6 curtain panels for a classroom online once though! For a classroom I'm doing tonight, I struck it rich at goodwill getting desktop organizers/each $1. This is going to make my art teacher happy, because she is super frugal! So I'd say it all depends on how you want to do it, how much time you have, how precise the measurements need to be, etc. etc! but I do love online shopping!
  • Sarah StithamSarah Stitham Guest Expert Posts: 546
    Great Job! I love using the shelving units that hang on the door. They're very inexpensive to purchase and using that back-of-door space is so valuable. I have all of my spices on a unit exactly like the one you used. I love it!
  • melissamartinmelissamartin Guest Member Posts: 34
    Great job! I love those rolling bins on the bottom. So smart!
  • Courtney GrasCourtney Gras Enrolled Posts: 69
    Thanks for including the time this took. It helps us newbies with our estimating!
  • Trudi BarkesTrudi Barkes Guest Member Posts: 8
    Wonderful job on your first pantry, Lauren! I, too, love the blue buckets on wheels.
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