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Office Space

This took my client and I two and half hours to organize. Not pictured is the boxes of files that were left over. She booked another session to go through that!
4608 x 3456 - 6M
4608 x 3456 - 6M


  • Sarah StithamSarah Stitham Guest Expert Posts: 546
    GREAT WORK!!! Thank you for sharing these amazing before and after photos. And, congratulations on booking another session.
  • Courtney GrasCourtney Gras Enrolled Posts: 69
    Look at that organized space! I bet she loves working in there now. Way to get in there and create functional space. Hope the second session went well, too!
  • laurenmeyerlaurenmeyer Enrolled Posts: 646
    I wish I could work that fast! Beautiful!
  • hlodonovanhlodonovan Guest Member Posts: 35
    Great job! I'm with Lauren - I wish I worked that fast too - lol!
  • Kathleen StarksKathleen Starks Enrolled Posts: 428
    WOW!! Looks awesome! What a transformation - great job!
  • carolynh64carolynh64 Enrolled Posts: 63
    wow that is amazing you did all that in just 2-1/2 hours. The space looks amazing!!! Thanks for the photos so encouraging
  • Trudi BarkesTrudi Barkes Guest Member Posts: 8
    Great job and thank you for posting photos. I am at the beginning of this journey, but I know I have made the right decision of choosing to be a PO because of the way my heart goes pitter-patter just from seeing the before and after photos...lol.
  • izana19izana19 Enrolled Posts: 33
    Wow! Big difference!! Your client can now add a chair there and work peacefully!
  • Margaret HodappMargaret Hodapp Enrolled Posts: 155
    Congratulations! That was fast! It looks great! That's an excellent idea to make the space look great first, then go through files. The client can enjoy the space while going through the files. Nice job!
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