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Pantry before and after

I don't have the angle quite right but it's a start.


  • Nice!
  • ClaudiaClaudia Enrolled Posts: 156
    Thanks. I'm working on some others for my website which is coming along, albeit slowly since I'm working full time. The process is exciting.
  • izana19izana19 Enrolled Posts: 33
    Looks really good! I'm sure your client can find things much easier now. I like the spice jars, are they mason jars?
  • ClaudiaClaudia Enrolled Posts: 156
    They're Ball jars but I don't think there's any real difference between them and Mason. I used both large and small ones and got a dozen each at K-Mart. I labeled the ones that are always refilled with the same product and left some unlabeled intentionally so they could be used for things that occasionally need storage or when there's a little excess or just a little of something left.
  • Very nice. How long did this take you? I'm trying to get better at estimating projects.
  • ClaudiaClaudia Enrolled Posts: 156
    It took about three hours. I'm finding that everything takes longer than what I initially think. I have an organizing job today that should be interesting. I offered three hours of organizing at my church's service auction. The person who bid on it wants me to organize his music related books. He's a college professor and the books have to be sorted into various categories because everything is mixed up right now. He wants to be able to access a book on music theory, for example, without weeding through books on pedagogy. It looks like it "should" take three hours but my guess is five. I'll report on how it turns out.
  • Let us know how it works out, Claudia! Do you plan to charge him if it takes more time than expected? That sounds like a great job! (Bring your swiffer!)
  • carolynh64carolynh64 Enrolled Posts: 63
    Great job Claudia! So encouraging:)
  • Sarah StithamSarah Stitham Guest Expert Posts: 546
    Thanks for sharing your experience here with the community. Your confidence will grow with each job you do. Most importantly are the Lessons Learned. For every job I've ever done I keep notes on what worked and what didn't work for me. These learning experiences are so valuable and if you pay close attention to them you will be able to make adjustment to the way you do business. This is how your business grows and and you become successful and confident.
  • I gave away 4 hours of organizing for our church auction. A young mom with 3 kids got it. I spent 5.5 hours and just could not quit because her time was up. I didn't charge her more either but I got the nicest letter from her that I will put on my website. This was before I really moved forward on doing it professionally. I was so pumped! It was so fulfilling! Now I'm going to be paid for doing what I love. It's a win win!
  • MimiMimi Guest Member Posts: 7
    Thank you for sharing!
  • Cynthia MurrayCynthia Murray Enrolled Posts: 1,070
    Looks great, Claudia. Love the clear jars too...very clean and visually pleasing!
  • laurenmeyerlaurenmeyer Enrolled Posts: 646
    Susan, I laughed when I read your post because sometimes I can't stop either! I did a one hour consultation that turned into 3 because I was just going to help a teacher clear off her desk and do just one drawer!!!! Needless to say she paid me for the consultation and gave me a tip! But in the meantime, we've become great friends and I put in 7 paid hours in her room! Not to make this a practice, but you know when its ok to do it and also you don't ever want to leave a mess! Plus the advertising will be super on your website! Good job!
  • Dawn SolvesDawn Solves Guest Member Posts: 9
    i love the jars Claudia, because you can see exactly whats in them. i also like the basket hanging on the wall. gives the area around the pantry a nice earthy look....
  • ClaudiaClaudia Enrolled Posts: 156
    Thanks for your supportive comments on my work. The baskets are flat on one side so they hang flush against the wall, which is a nice feature.
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