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Closet Before and After- 3 hours

This was a switch from summer to winter clothes too. This client (my second!) has another dresser for pj's etc so this closet is definitely not all of her clothes. After the pic was taken, she got a real basket for the scarves on the top shelf.
2816 x 2112 - 607K
2112 x 2816 - 624K


  • katina.handkatina.hand Enrolled Posts: 21
    Great Job
  • Courtney GrasCourtney Gras Enrolled Posts: 69
  • julie franckjulie franck Enrolled Posts: 18
    Fantastic transformation Courtney! Congrats on your second client!
    Is there a secret behind the hangers being turned around?
  • Courtney GrasCourtney Gras Enrolled Posts: 69
    Yes there is! All the hangers are turned backwards. When the client wears the item and puts it away, the hanger will be forward. This way, at the end of the season, she can see what she is actually wearing and what she can get rid of.
  • Sarah StithamSarah Stitham Guest Expert Posts: 546
    Great job Courtney. I love the hanger positions. It's a perfect way for the client to actually see what she wore and what she didn't.
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