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Community Rules & Guidelines

AdamAdam Admin, Enrolled Posts: 930
The following guidelines should be followed by all who wish to participate in our community.

1. Promotion of Products:
If you have your own product or service, you may mention it in the "Organizing Resources" section, but no where else. No affiliate links for Profitable Organizer are allowed anywhere. This community is for helping one another and not for marketing. Also, as the only exception, we will mention if something is included in our program or will be in the future.

2. Discussion Titles:
Be descriptive with your post titles. "Help" or "What do you think..." are not very good titles. Use at least 4 to 6 words and give people a good idea what to expect if they click on to the discussion.

Poor Example - "Calendar"
Great Example - "What do you use for a Calendar?"

Poor Example - "My business name thoughts"
Great Example - "Thoughts on name TampaHomeOrganizer"

Poor Example - "Digital Camera"
Great Example - "Suggestions for a Good Digital Camera?"

3. Add a Photo:
While not mandatory, it's a much better experience for everyone to be able to see who you are. You can edit your profile and upload a photo from here - http://community.profitableorganizer.com/profile/edit

4. Support Issues:
If you have a support issue with Profitable Organizer, including the forum area, please use our support tab to get help. We will no longer be answering product/purchase support related questions within the community area.

5. Privacy:
Do NOT mention any client names or provide any personal information within this community you wish not to be shared.

6. Be Respectful:
Anyone who is rude or not courteous is subject to being banned. This community is meant to be helpful and a fun place for professional organizers to learn and interact with each other.

7. Do Not Thread Hijack:
If someone starts a discussion about a particular topic, please keep all discussions in that thread very closely related to the original question / post. Start a new discussion if you have your own question or discussion idea. (We need to stay organized).

When making a post, think like this... Is what you are adding helping the original person who created the discussion thread or is it more for yourself? Typically, there should not be follow up questions unless you are trying to clarify information the original person posted.

If you're asking a question that is for yourself, it belongs in it's own discussion thread.

8. Buttons Below Posts:
We encourage everyone to use the buttons below each post to help keep the community the best it can be.

Flag - If something looks like spam.
Off Topic - If the post isn't on topic with the original post.
Disagree - If you strongly disagree.
Agree - If someone makes a good point you agree with.
Awesome - If someone goes above and beyond.

If you click on one by accident, you can click again to undo.

And, that's it! These rules are meant to make this community a better experience for everyone. Please stick to them and we can all enjoy learning and growing our businesses together!


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