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High Street Organizers Before & Afters "Toy Museum/Man Cave"

melissamartinmelissamartin Guest Member Posts: 34
Hi Everyone:

Some Before & Afters of a job I did TODAY! I was working alone - took 7 hours from start to finish. The client collects vintage toys and builds models. He has 3 kids that will also use this space. My marching orders were to help him get a handle on all the Little People toys he's collected over the years so he can begin to sell. I am exhausted but had a blast. Trying to get better at my photographs. Would love some feedback!


  • melissamartinmelissamartin Guest Member Posts: 34
    And here's some more!
    3008 x 2000 - 3M
    3008 x 2000 - 2M
    2000 x 3008 - 2M
    3008 x 2000 - 3M
  • izana19izana19 Enrolled Posts: 33
    Your pictures look great! the room looks much better! Great job!
  • Sarah StithamSarah Stitham Guest Expert Posts: 546
    Hi Melissa…your photos are fantastic. And, I'm so happy to hear that you had a blast working on this project. That is a sure sign that you are doing work that suits you and that you;re in the right place. Keep it up! :smiley:
  • chelechele Enrolled Posts: 44
    These are great! What a wonderful job!
  • laurenmeyerlaurenmeyer Enrolled Posts: 646
    So fun! Good job and I love the title of your post! Now to tie up the children!
  • ClaudiaClaudia Enrolled Posts: 156
    Great job.
  • Bella FrasheriBella Frasheri Guest Member Posts: 16
    You did a great job! How ling does it usually takes for a project like this?
  • HI Melissa, great job on this. Just curious, what did you end up doing with all the "little people" I saw on the large hutch in the first picture?
  • melissamartinmelissamartin Guest Member Posts: 34
    Hi Bella - this took me 8 hours.
    Hi Melissa - all the little people were organized in the drawer of the hutch by type!
  • Christy RataczakChristy Rataczak Enrolled Posts: 17
    I love that tired feeling you get at the end of a day spent doing what you love! Great job, Melissa.
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