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Hi, I'm hungry! And my name is Twee.

Hi, everyone! I recently quit my engineering job to become a full time Happy Person. Part of that journey is starting an Organizing business, and I'm so excited to have found such an amazing training program...does anyone else feel like it was designed just for them? I'm really looking forward to becoming part of such a supportive community...*happy dance!*


  • Welcome Twee aka Happy Person. Congrats on your new business career change. You will love all the training and the community. Remember, any questions, just post them here and someone will give you some great advice.
  • Elva FonsecaElva Fonseca Enrolled Posts: 101
    Hi! Twee, I just quit my office manager position to fulfill my purpose, too. I was in a rut and felt that I wasn't growing. I knocked several doors and none opened. When I started looking into professional organizing my heart jumped. I instantly had hope for my future and felt like this was for me. The lord kept confirming my steps. Congratulations for stepping out in faith. Let's do this!
  • Thuy-Lien NguyenThuy-Lien Nguyen Enrolled Posts: 86
    edited June 2015
    Thank you for the warm welcome, @Kathleen Starks . @Elva Fonseca I love your story and can definitely relate. Looking forward to starting this journey with you. Please do keep in touch!!
  • Hi @Randylyn1 ! Looks like you're on your way...good luck with everything and keep me posted!!
  • I have chosen ClaimYourCalm and never shared that with everyone. I apologize. I am now about to change my name. I don't consider myself branded yet, so I don't see any harm. ClaimYourCalm doesn't tell what I do without "Professional Organizing Services" added to it. I'm going for the name to say it all.
  • Welcome Twee! I almost named my business "Happy Dance Organizing"! I didn't want to disappoint people wanting dance lessons!! I am still real excited in week three of training.
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