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Confused Senior

oddyoddy Enrolled Posts: 173
Hi, I have a consultation coming up for an 80 year old lady. She needs a system to organize her paperwork. She gets confused, takes out paper work and ends up with a pile of papers on the kitchen table. Does anyone have any senior experience in this area and any suggestions?


  • Deborah WrightDeborah Wright Enrolled Posts: 36
    Hello Oddy;
    I would love to know how this turned out.
    I work with seniors, and it takes time and patience.
    Her surrounding areas should give a clue on follow through.
    Just finding the happy zone, and taking time to rerun, is super.
    Of course she will need followup. But a new sense of security she can follow will go a long way.
    Love those seniors.
    Please post what happened, and worked.
  • oddyoddy Enrolled Posts: 173
    As you can see, I haven't been on the community board in so long. This lady ended up telling me that she is perfectly fine on her own. She does have an attorney as power of attorney, so I don't know what has happened since. I have tried to call her, but she won't take my calls or anyone else's calls who want to help her. She is very social and delightful, I am sure she will end up in the assisted living that the Attorney has discussed with her.
  • Cynthia MurrayCynthia Murray Administrator, Enrolled Posts: 1,058
    Thanks for the update! I'm sure things will work out, like you mentioned. :)
  • Jane MaschinoJane Maschino Enrolled Posts: 1
    Maybe a color-coded system using colorful round labels (sold at office supply stores), especially for those files and papers that get saved from year to year (legal, instructions, etc) but tend to be accessed often. Put color matched labels on the file folder tab and the papers (Example: red for Save / Keep; etc).

    And if her family want to be involved, a nicely typed laminated sheet (using large legible type, bullet points, concise short descriptions) explaining the system (maybe hole punched and hung with a pretty ribbon on an adjacent wall or cabinet knob near the area where her paperwork gravitates to). Grandkids (or any visitor) might appreciate having something to do while visiting, if the laminated directions are easy to understand (if they can look up from their phones long enough ;-).

    I think the monthly 'tune-up' appointment would be so helpful for her, if she's financially able.

    Question: A possible reason they don't get refiled...are the file cabinets easily accessable? Maybe pretty carboard file boxes near the countertop could help.
  • Cynthia MurrayCynthia Murray Administrator, Enrolled Posts: 1,058
    Thanks for all the ideas and tips, Jane, great ideas!
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