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Brainstorming ideas and help

JoshJosh Enrolled Posts: 6
I am having trouble coming up with a name that reflects my purpose, and feels right for what I want to convey.

Mental illness/health is a huge factor in my life, and organizational techniques have helped me to better cope with daily life in many different ways. It has been a life saver.
I want to take my passion, and the skills I have learned to teach others how to live a life that is more efficient and productive, and eases stress or overwhelming feelings. It will go beyond the physical organizing, and into changing routines and behaviours to help people better adapt, and follow through with who they want to be without all the mental fog and challenges associated with life. I want my company to be about helping people find their clarity in life, home, and work. Peace of mind, flow, happiness!

I plan to get mental health training as well, and at some point hope to be a sort of personal/life consultant/assistant (still working on titles, any ideas for that too?!), with a heavy emphasis on organization.

So far, I am a fan of "Clear As Day" organizing/consulting, but struggle with this as the "day" is not always clear.
I am at a loss for other things that are "clear" that could replace the word day, and still make sense..

Ideally i'd like something that can form an acronym, and am a big fan of alliteration.
Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.



  • JoshJosh Enrolled Posts: 6
    edited January 5
    Ideas I have come up with since making this post:
    Find Your Mind
    Find Your Flow
    Captain Calm
    Clear and Calm
    Let's Be Clear

    Really hoping some community members could offer their input and help me out. I have been struggling with a name for MONTHS, and would really like to get passed this stage.
  • JoshJosh Enrolled Posts: 6
    Thanks so much for your input Donna!

    I really like "Clear As Day" as well, which would be Clear As Day Organizing/CADO. "kay-doe". This was my favourite for quite awhile, but others I spoke too didn't seem to keen on it.

    Let's Be Clear was my second until I thought about it more, and was given feedback from others - it doesn't really seem like an organizing company name, even if i added "organizing" to it, it doesn't quite fit properly.

    I have since come up with EASE Organization (EASE Organizational Services?? EASE Organizing Services? EASE Organizing??).
    Empower, Achieve, Simplify, Enrich. An organizing solution that is Effective, Adaptable, Sustainable, and EASY.
  • JoshJosh Enrolled Posts: 6
    EASE Coordinating and Organizing Services..?

    (coordinating because it speaks to the processes and different elements involved in creating said ease)
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